Southeastern Seminary was honored to host the 2012 Southeastern Regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS).  Listed below are the audio recordings of the plenary sessions from this event.  Please click “Audio” to listen to the sessions, or right-click “save link as” to download the files to your computer.  The manuscripts for each session are also downloadable, right-click and save the link.

ETS Plenary Session – Dr. Paul House   (this file was not playable)   Manuscript (.pdf)

ETS Plenary Session – Dr. Scott Hafemann   Audio / Manuscript (.pdf)

ETS Plenary Session – Dr. Andreas Kostenberger   Audio

EMS Plenary Session – J.D. Payne   Audio

EMS Plenary Session – Tom Steffen  Audio

EPS Plenary Session – Paul Copan  Audio

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